about RAGINI

Born in India, Ragini Srivastava came to the United States nineteen years ago in search of a better life. Arriving without money or work experience, Ragini threw herself into helping her community believing that the best way to succeed was to lift up those around her first. Ragini began by volunteering for domestic abuse survivors and women’s advocacy groups and planned community events like Yoga and Mindfulness sessions. It was through these connections that Ragini was able to successfully launch her business. In recognition of her efforts, Ragini was appointed to the Nassau County Comptroller’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Council, where she helped to ensure that there were business opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. 


Ragini lives in Manhasset Hills with her husband and son and is focused on continuing her mission to give back to the community. In 2020 Ragini ran for the New York State Assembly, lower taxes through increased revenue, and increased fiscal and political responsibility in government. She fought for vocation schools and affordable housing options. Although the incumbent retained his seat, Ragini proved something that day – that people believed in a woman from India who refused to take no for an answer. 

Ragini’s core values include hard work, transparency, and giving back. At a time when residents of Nassau County face unprecedented turmoil, Ragini envisions a future that is more nurturing of small businesses, more supportive of our police department, and which fosters a more peaceful dialogue between all people. Ragini seeks to make living more affordable in Nassau County, and to encourage the next generation to lay their roots down in Nassau County. Ragini truly believes that together we can make Nassau County Prouder, Stronger, and Better.