our Platform

Protecting Small Businesses

As a small business owner, Ragini Srivastava understands that challenges facing our local shopkeepers, restauranteurs and other entrepreneurs.  Small businesses are vital to our tax base and are necessary to reduce the tax burden on residential homeowners.  Ragini will fight in Albany for COVID-19 relief monies to be allocated to our businesses to ensure that our downtowns remain vibrant and successful.    

Fighting for Taxpayers and our Families

Spiraling taxes and the rising cost of living continue to drive families, especially our young people, away from New York State.  The answer to the lack of affordability in our state rests in controlling taxes and runaway spending while nurturing small businesses and other investment to expand the tax base.  Sadly, some politicians at the federal and state levels have driven away businesses, including the proposed Amazon headquarters planned for Long Island City.  That project would have provided approximately 25,000 jobs with an average salary of over $125,000.  I am committed to creating dynamic economic corridors while preserving the suburban character of our neighborhoods. 

Repealing Bail Reform

The Bail Reform Act is a striking example of the disconnect between the residents and some out-of-touch elected officials. Extreme politicians in Albany passed this legislation, which has resulted in thousands of dangerous criminals being turned loose onto our streets.  In short, the law has left judges powerless to detain drug dealers, gang members, bank robbers and other dangerous individuals while they await trial.  Accompanying this law, extreme Albany politicians passed “discovery reform,” which allows an accused criminal to have access the home of the victim (if it is the crime scene). Furthermore, this law can endanger witnesses to crimes by releasing their identities and private contact information.

I will fight to repeal bail reform, and work to protect law-abiding individuals from criminals.

Investing in Infrastructure

We pay some of the highest taxes in the state and still have to contend with crumbling roads, dirty LIRR stations, and lapses in public transportation service. It’s time we invest in our communities, and I will fight for the fair allocation of state budget dollars to benefit Long Island roadways, the LIRR and other mass transportation.

Supporting our Police

Riots have taken place across the country and right next door in New York City.  Looting, vandalism and violence against innocent bystanders and the police have marked the events.  Unfortunately, many politicians have not supported our police, undermining their efforts to maintain peace and order, as well as protect private property.  I stand with law enforcement, and I will fight any efforts to defund the police.  What’s more, I am calling for stricter criminal penalties for those who commit crimes against the police.  Long Islanders deserve safe neighborhoods.  My commitment is to support law enforcement to ensure that we can enjoy our neighborhoods without worrying about crime and violence.