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Protecting Small Businesses

As a small business owner, Ragini Srivastava understands the challenges facing our local shopkeepers, restauranteurs and other entrepreneurs.  Small businesses are vital to our tax base and are necessary to reduce the tax burden on residential homeowners.  Ragini will work with Town and County officials to effect tax relief.  She will also work with Town officials to utilize grant monies (federal Community Development Block Grants and other state and federal assistance) to bring about downtown revitalization projects to help keep our local business districts vibrant and attractive.  

Fighting for Taxpayers and our Families

Spiraling taxes and the rising cost of living continue to drive families, especially our young people, away from our area. The Town of North Hempstead has increased taxes for four years in a row (2018,2019,2020,2021). Especially during the COVID Pandemic, residents need tax relief. Ragini will also be an advocate for fairness in the Nassau County Executive’s Reassessment. Unfortunately, 65% of Nassau’s homeowners were hit with tax hikes as a result of her reassessment.

Town Clerk’s Office- Best Services, Lowest Cost

Ragini Srivastava is focused on providing the best possible services at the lowest possible costs. The Town of North Hempstead Clerk’s Office has host of responsibilities. The Clerk is the records management officer for the Town and the custodian for all Town records. The Clerk prepares and maintains the minutes of all Town Board Meetings, and the Clerk is responsible for all FOIL requests related to records that the office maintains. The Clerk’s Office issues state licenses (i.e. marriage, hunting, fishing, game of chance, bingo, dog licenses, taxi and tow car licenses, peddlers licenses,etc). The Clerk is the Registrar of Vital Statistics. The Clerk’s Office maintains and issues birth and death certificates. The Office also performs marriage ceremonies.