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Ragini is a resident of Manhasset Hills, and ran for the North Hempstead Town Council in 2019. Ragini is a businesswoman, a mother, a wife, and most importantly a fighter for her community.


Coming from India as a young adult in search of a better life, Ragini achieved the American dream through a combination of hard work and determination - two traits she will use to fight for the residents of the 16th district.


Ragini believes in a return to common sense thinking and believes above all that we need to get back to normal. Her platform is built on the idea that there is still more that unites us than divides us. 



Ragini is passionate about putting people first, and backs common sense solutions such as creating economic incentives to allow young people to start businesses and to help existing businesses recover. As a business owner, Ragini is focused on increasing prosperity and giving people the tools they need to succeed.

Ragini was appointed to the Nassau County Comptroller’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Council where she helped to ensure that there were business opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. 

Ragini strongly believes that each person who succeeds, helps the community succeed. When we rise, we rise together.




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brighter, stronger, better New york